• Welcome to the AI gold rush! : AI and machine learning will become ubiquitous and woven into the fabric of society. Media headlines tout the stories of how AI is helping doctors diagnose diseases, banks better assess customer loan risks, farmers predict crop yields, marketers target and retain customers, and manufacturers improve quality control.
  • So where is the value being created with AI? Who will make money across the (1) chip makers, (2) platform and infrastructure providers, (3) enabling models and algorithm providers, (4) enterprise solution providers, (5) industry vertical solution providers, (6) corporate users of AI and (7) nations?
  • Who’s got the best AI chips and hardware? Even though the price of computational power has fallen exponentially, demand is rising even faster.
  • Who’s got the best infrastructure and platform clouds for AI? oday AI is demanding so much compute power that companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to rent hardware through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings.

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