• Most analytical jobs such as that of a Business Analyst (BA) require critical thinking and rethinking decisions based on dynamically changing situations. Can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems branch off to different thinking modes as humans do based on changing parameters?
  • Is the Threat of AI Technology Real? : With the re-emergence of Machine Learning (ML) research over the past decade, the global IT giants all rushed to take the lead role in bringing automated systems to the white-collar professions. In the last five years, we have witnessed a meteoric growth of robots, digital assistants, smart machines, automated bots, and apps in every industry sector from manufacturing to marketing.
  • Use of AI in Different fields
  • The Future Evolution of the Business Analyst: If humans and machines learn to work together now, then very soon the “physical-digital teamwork” can transform workplaces around the world.
  • The Hybrid Roles for Future Business Analysts: The Hybrid BA can well serve the technical team by wearing the domain-expert hat or the BA hat as needed.

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