How Big Data Science and Analytics is the Lure for Businesses Today


  • Coexistence of Two Systems: The leveraging of machine learning and traditional algorithms to analyze the Big data for any organization can solve problems in multiple verticals and forecast the business future with greater speed and reliability.
  • Point Solutions: Data analytics has been in the Business Intelligence space for quite a long time providing ‘Point solutions’ for specific problems in any business.
  • Advantages of Using Big Data Analytics:
  • Turnaround speed: virtually adopting any data source, and ability to churn much greater volumes of data.
  • Hybrid data clouds: Hybrid data clouds are being implemented, that divide data and work zones between in-house and offshore. As a result of these two complexities, the Decision makers of the companies, IT heads and service providers have to actively design the Big Data Ingestion Pathway, otherwise it could diminish the ROI significantly.
  • Impact of Big Data:
  • There is tremendous scope for machine level or customer interface level interventions to increase the business opportunities manifold. These interventions typically include customer marketing opportunities and risk reduction needs.

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