• Analytics Adoption Rises Among Small Companies: In the SAP survey, 73% and 87% of small and midsize businesses surveyed indicated that their expectations regarding technology investments were met or exceeded. With the cost of data analysis and visualization technologies falling and investments bearing fruit, this year should see the adoption of data analytics extend to even the smallest of companies.
  • Outsourcing of Analytics Increases: One option for SMEs unable to fund full-scale programs is to outsource them to an outside agency that specializes in data analytics. Outsourcing analytics is an excellent way of enhancing your data capabilities when you lack the necessary funds, making it ideal for small companies
  • Qualitative Data Is on The Up: Qualitative data bridges knowledge gaps. It is the information found in the unstructured data of online reviews, social media, and so forth, that provides the context to help understand why something is the way it is and if it is changing.


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