• Because I'm the CEO, and I think it can be done

    - Steve Jobs
  • CEO is the fulcrum of Organization. A professional CEO runs his organization professionally. He visions the future, plans its journey, mobilizes resources, brings positivity, builds right team, designs efficient systems and systematically monitors progress.

  • Organizations can get derailed due to variety of threats viz., Directionless, Complacence, Incompetence, Leakages, Cash flow strain if it is not run properly. Align, with its expertise and experience in helping more than 100 CEOs of Mid to Large Corporate across industry and countries is the right partner to Coach, Mentor & guide you in becoming an able Transformed CEO / CXO.

  • All this while steering his organization through myriad vulnerabilities, uncertainties, complexities & ambiguities, attacking internally and externally. He has to shake away from stagnancy, achieve robust growth, and attain fullest potential and highest profitability.


Through its most popular Bullseye Philosophy Align has helped companies to achieve consistent growth, profitability, employee performance under its close, handhold supervision. Align brings with it wide array of expertise ranging from Management, Finance, Accounting, Technology, Process, People & Business Intelligence

Business & Market Potential

Management Capabilities

Financial Well-being

Systemic Effectiveness

Operational Efficiency

Information Availability

Resources Productivity

There after a Gap Analysis Statement with a Road map of improvement programme is generated, which would be the basis of result-oriented Transformation Coaching.


How to Optimize Business Processes and reduce inefficiency

Importance of Policy Framework

People Driven to Process Driven

Digital Transformation of Corporate

Using Data Science & Analytics to Decision Making

How to solve Inter Department Conflict

How to bring in scientific Governance & Monitoring Management

How to Build a Monitoring Board

Power of Monthly / Weekly / Daily Monitoring

How to design MIS Reports

How to use Internal Control & Internal Audit

Building a strong Organizational Foundation

Importance of Vision & Mission Fundamental Value Systems

How Culture can make or break businesses

Transitioning Value System & Culture

How to Manage People & get best out of them

Importance of Role Clarity

How to Get the Right People to Roles

How to manage Problem Creators

How to Get work from your team

Establishing your trusted team & Retain them

When, How & Why to Sack / Fire an employee

Aligning Employees to Corporate Goals

Organization Structure / Hierarchy / Delegation of Authority

Measuring Performance of an Employee

How to manage self as a CEO

Importance of keeping Positive

Disasters Management & how team work can matter

What should a CEO watch & its frequency?

A typical week / month / quarter / year of a CEO

Importance of Building Key Relationships

When, How & Why to Sack / Fire an employee

General Life Styles of a Healthy CEO - FES

What you can’t Delegate

How to build a practical and achievable Business Plan

Creating Business Goals

Importance of having the Right Product

Developing Long Term & Short-Term Business Plans

Know your industry & How to Benchmark

Understanding Macro & Micro Economics & Trends

Aligning Business Goals to Organization

Developing Strategy to Execution of Plans

Building a Customer Oriented Organization


Create a disciplined and delivering Professional Organization

Optimize Your Strengths & balance your Weaknesses Improve Your Team Execution Skills

Bring focus, direction & efficiency in your Business

Scale Up your Potential with low to nil additional investment

Counter Market & Economic Constraints

Achieve Growth, beat stagnancy, and accelerate business cycles

Reduce & Right size costs, Increase Margins, Maximize Profits

Use Information Technology & Data Analytics to lead to solutions


Pain Points Identification of each area in a systematic manner

Expert Diagnosis & Solutions through experience of Align Consulting Team

Benchmarking of best practices of similar companies in industry

Metrics Dashboard to Monitor Performance (at additional cost)

State of Affairs Interviews of support team too where necessary

Roadmap of Solutions to put action points to time checks

Work on Low Hanging Fruits to achieve quick results


  • The Coaching is for 1 full year. The engagement of CEO coaching is not only classroom but also on your own business. It is one-on-one and intensive. Coach will plan the time at the time of sign up and work on a retainer ship basis every month. Initial 2 months will be intensive with weekly sessions of 2 to 3 hours each. Followed by monthly sessions of 2 to 3 hours each.

  • All content and material will be provided on an ongoing basis. Various questionnaires, online tests would be conducted where applicable


  • G Kalyan Kumar. He is a Business Transformation Advisor and has successfully helped companies to double their profits, cut costs, increased sales, improved margins, increased employee performance and systematically building successful organizations. A Chartered Accountant by qualification and rank holder all India, he is also Information Systems Specialist, and Strategic Business Advisor. He has more than 22 years of professional experience advising 400 plus corporates in streamlining their businesses, processes, systems and strategies. He worked with KPMG, Maruti Suzuki and Brahmayya & Co before.

  • He successfully runs Align Associate, a team of 40 plus consultants & techies that specializes in implementing Advanced Data Analytics & Systems, BullsEye based CEO Command Centers, Business Intelligence Dashboards, AuditBots and Cloud Based Industry Specific Analytic Solutions.

  • He is Pathfinder Award winner from The Times Group & Economic Times for pioneering innovation in Technology. His Bulls Eye Concept in Business Transformation has successfully helped in Professionalizing Family businesses. He sits on Boards of various companies and has coached more than 100 plus CEOs till date.
  • He conducts workshop along with his partner Anusha Kannan who is also a Chartered Accountant and has more than 15 years’ experience in streamlining companies, coaching CXOs, implementing ERPs, Performance Management Systems, Designing Business Intelligence & Dashboards, Cleaning Accounting systems and reengineering business processes.


Know how this Coaching can Transfrom your Organization