Fraud, Leakage and Errors are rated the top most irritants of today's CEOs...
Suprisingly...most can be eliminated... if detected in time!


Align Audit Bots is a real-time Governance, Risk and Compliance monitoring tool that runs on ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle to provide 'Always-on' transaction risk monitoring.

  • - Accurate Bookings
  • - Prudent Payments
  • - Timely Books Closure
  • - Funds Management
  • - Compliance
  • - Sales & Targets
  • - Order Fulfillment
  • - Delays & Returns
  • - Timely Collections & Outstandings
  • - Schemes & Discounts Exposures
  • - Timely Procurement
  • - Price & Sensitivity
  • - Pilferage & Leakages
  • - Non Moving & Wastages
  • - Optimized Working Capital
  • - Operations Planning & Deviations
  • - Rewards Rejections & Damages
  • - Cost of Production & Profitability
  • - Capacity Utilization & Breakdowns
  • - Labor Efficiency
  • - Attendance Exposures
  • - Payroll Exposures
  • - SLA Monitoring
  • - Retention & Attrition
  • - Data Security
  • - Access Monitoring
  • - SLA Compliances
  • - SLA Monitoring
  • - Digital Efficiency

Research has shown that inadequate transaction monitoring leads to profit erosion by upto 5%

Inadequate risk monitoring and resultant fraud can lead to punitive action against the board

Process delay due to pilferage, fraud or non compliance will have a detrimental effect on customer retention and satisfaction


Audit Bots installed on premise provides continuous alerts through continuous monitoring. It syncs with Risk Libraries curated by Panel of Risk and Audit Experts regularly on cloud. Align's expert team of risk managers continuously update evolving risk to keep enterprises secure at all times.


Area Audit Bots ACL IDEA
Analytical Engine Yes Yes Yes
Type Server & Desktop Server & Desktop Desktop
Client Engine Any web browser, mobile app Only ACL client Only Idea client
Alert System Yes No No
Types of Alerts Whatsapp,Email NA NA
Analytical Features Join, Merge, Classify, Summarize, Age, Benfords Law, Pivot Join, Merge, Classify, Summarize, Age, Benfords Law Join, Merge, Classify, Summarize, Age, Benfords Law
Standard Functions Yes Yes Yes
Graphing Features All basic graphs, Heatmaps, Sun bursts, Tree, Advanced Java Based All basic graphs All basic graphs
Customize Analytics Yes No No
Customize Graphs Yes No No
Google Map Integration Yes No No
Data Management Direct Connection to Source Data Download Data to Local Client Download Data to Local Client
Query Management In-Memory Computing Local Computing Local Computing
Data-warehouse No Need, Feature exists if required Needed Needed
Types of Analytics Virtual Analytics Physical Analytics Physical Analytics
Space Requirement for Data Storage Nil Large Large
Server Access Controls Multi-Layer Basic NA
Automatic SAP API Yes No No
Automatic Oracle API Links Yes No No
Automatic Tally API Yes No No
Cloud Hosting Capability Exists No No
Central Risk Library Exists & Growing through Platform System Does not exist Does not exist
Readymade Risk Reports More than 2000, will reach 1000 by March 2018 Does not exist Does not exist
Implementation Time 1 Day More than 1 year if capabilities of Audit Bots are to be achieved More than 1 year if capabilities of Audit Bots are to be achieved
Big Data Capability Yes No No
Return on Investment From first month After implementation After implementation
GRC Engine Under Development No No
Internal Audit Reporter Under Development No No




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